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I am proud to have scored this wonderful documentary. Disarm Hate is currently streaming on many platforms including Amazon Prime. Here is a review with a brief synopsis:                 Heart...
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Count me in! Song:  Champion Words and Music by: Ralph Stevens and Stephen Kalinich(c) 2017 All rights reserved Ralph Stevens Music (ASCAP)and Stephen Kalinich Music (ASCAP)
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This song was written by Stephen Kalinich and myself. Stevie is a spoken word artist and the performer in the video. Stevie collaborated with Brian and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys on their albums as a lyricist.  “I Wanna Say” is being released on vinyl alo...
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I am a composer, arranger, performing musician, and studio engineer at my ranch home near Los Angeles.

I am involved in a variety of different types of projects, most recently Queen Mimi
and a song collaboration with Stephen Kalinich for the video “I Wanna Say.”



I wrote “Celebrate Life”with country artist, Deana Carter, for the documentary “Queen Mimi”
I Want To Say,  I wrote with spoken word artist, Stephen Kalinich
You Touched My World, written by Ralph Stevens  and Stephen J Kalinch


Search “Ralph Stevens Music” at Soundcloud.com for Cue Sample Library

I wrote this song with actor W. Earl Brown for the movie – “Bloodworth” starring Kris Kristofferson

Ralph Stevens Music - Bloodworth

Paul Rosenbaum and I wrote the song: “Satellite” for our band Raw Mea tback in the 1981. This is a new”Studio Version” being performed by the cast of the classic TV Series “Fame” in 2019



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