Ralph works on Disarm Hate

I am proud to have scored this wonderful documentary. Here is a review with a brief synopsis:

                Heartwarming, Gripping Creativity. If you are bored hibernating and want to view ninety minutes of talented movie-making, I recommend DISARM HATE which I recently watched on Amazon. Though I often prefer narrative movies which tell a fictional story, I found the nine-person ensemble in this movie as captivating as any group of characters.  Watching their cross-country road trip, I learned some new American history, laughed during lighter moments, and eventually cried when gripping experiences were shared.  (No spoilers!)Visually, I enjoyed beautiful scenery, as well as close-ups of characters expressing themselves and interacting intensely and authentically.  Though not a sound expert, I could not help but notice how perfect the music seemed and how much it enhanced the emotional impact of the film.  I became fully absorbed in the movie‚Äôs journey.  Though the group seemed somewhat homogeneous at the start, as I gradually got to know the members I was struck by their diversity.  Not only did everyone feel unaccepted by conventional American society, but some shared how they also felt misunderstood by certain peers in the group.  Moved by the emotional depth the filmmaker captured, I realized for the zillionth time how unique we all are, regardless of traits shared with groups with which we affiliate.  Such individuality has attracted me to psychology for the last six decades and made this touching film fascinating to me.  If you watch it, why not share your reactions in LA MENTARY?  

The soundtrack album for Disarm Hate was released in May 2021 in conjunction with the 5 year anniversary of The Pulse Nightclub shootings.

Follow the link to listen to the sound track album

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